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#Ireland2016 - Feeling proud to be Irish today

Hope you have a great Easter on this historic weekend. 

I was living I London in 1996 when I started this flag and finished it back in Dublin in 1998. It has always been very special to me and hangs at home. I'm very attached to it. 


Happy St.Patricks Day 2016

I'd like to wish you a very Happy St. Patricks Day.  

Here's to celebrating Ireland and Irish people all around the world. 

Enjoy the greening .. !! 



Bid for Quick Silver on Hares on the March

It's been a fabulous experience being part of the Jack and Jill children's Foundation Hares on the March this year. I'm so proud of my creation  'Quick Silver' #54. The online auction site at 'Click here' is open for bids until 5pm on Monday 21st March.  

Don't hold back, in owning a unique and original piece of art like one of the Hares there is not only the satisfaction of having a striking piece of art but there will also be a particular satisfaction to know that the money spent on the art has gone to support a really good cause. 


New Collection - Circles 2016

It's been a really interesting last few months, where I've tried new things and I'm very excited about the results. Not bad for a wet, very wet, windy and cold Irish winter. I am now delighted to introduce my new series of 'Circle' paintings.


Hares on the March Online Auction

My Hare 'Quick Silver' is having a great time on the Jack & Jill Childrens Foundation Hares on the March in Dublin. Quick Silver can be seen in Arnotts (on the 1st Floor in Ladies Fashion) until the end of February and then moves to the CHQ Building in the IFSC for a couple of weeks. All the Hares are being auctioned off now online at and all the proceeds go to the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation.


The Jack & Jill Hare Hunt is ON ..!!!

The country’s largest ever Hare Trail is up-and-running with 110 fabulous HARES now on display in over 50 locations around Dublin from now until 29th February. Check out the excellent website at for details on the whole event, maps for the trail and a catalogue featuring all of the simply stunning hares created by artists from right across Ireland.


2016 - HAPPY NEW YEAR ..!!

I would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement throughout 2015 and for helping make it a really fantastic and memorable year. It was a really, really busy year and without doubt having my art showcased at shows around the world in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Stockholm, Edinburgh and London made it very, very special. I'm thrilled with how everything went and a huge thank you to everyone who helped at different stages during the year. 


Wishing you a very, very Happy Christmas

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. Here's Tristan's letter, 'as gaeilge', that he'll be leaving at the fireplace tonight ... !!! 

Enjoy your Christmas ...



‘Quick Silver' says ‘thank you’ for such a great name ..!!

‘Quick Silver' says ‘thank you’ for such a great name & for all the fabulous suggestions ... !!! 

Well done to Yvonne Greally & Ann Huff for suggesting the name ‘Quick Silver’ on my Facebook page competition … from the beginning I had a really good feeling about the name ‘Quick Silver’. Thank you so much. 


Name Niall's Hare for Hares on the March 2016

I was delighted to be chosen to be one of the artists to take part in the Jack & Jill Childrens Foundation Hares on the March 2016 fundraising event. Over 100 hares, painted by artists from right across Ireland will hit the streets of Dublin in late January 2016. I am so excited about how my Hare has turned out.


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