New pieces en route to Milan ...

It was an action packed day yesterday with picking up seven new pieces from the framers, taking shots of them (they looked great framed ... !!) and then into Dublin to drop them off to Martin Davis in the Sol Gallery so they could be added to the shipment going to Milan ...!! 



The Sol Gallery will be the only Irish Art Gallery at the renowned Affordable Art Fair in Superstudio Piu, Via Tortona 27, Milano, running from 6 - 9 March. I am thrilled that the Sol Gallery will be showcasing about 15 of my paintings at Stand B1.
It’s very exciting and promises to be a fabulous show with galleries from across Italy, Europe and from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Korea, USA & others ... !! 

I am really thrilled with how my latest pieces have turned out. The 'large landscape' Vitalite and Mesmerize ones look fab ... colours are really vibrant and the shape and overall impact is great ..!! I have a couple of surprises in the new group of seven, including a Vitalite on a black background and a new series which I'm calling 'Within'. I always like to bring in new ideas and the 'Within' pieces are a little different ... the colours are 'cooler', paler .... it will be interesting to see / hear what you think. 

I'll be posting images of the new work on a new gallery '2014 collection' here on the site over the coming days. Also keep an eye on my Facebook page and twitter for regular updates and photos.

Have a great weekend ... :-) 





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