New series - 'Awakening'

I am really delighted to launch a new series of uplifting, vibrant and very special paintings. In order to settle on a name for the new series I decided put it out to Facebook and Twitter to see how people reacted to the new pieces, how the colours and patterns made people feel, what words and ideas went through their minds.

I was thrilled with all the fabulous ideas and suggestions put forward by a wide range of people from different parts of the world. 



Reading the fabulous reactions and suggestions gave me loads of encouragement and food for thought. The suggestions were wide & varied and covered such fabulous suggestion such as ... Alegria to Lifestyle, Vibrant to Contrast, Creation to Rebirth, Splish, Splash to Alphabet & Teacakes (!!!!), Tango to Tropical, from Elysian to Psychedlica, Estro and Pazzo to Casca ag ardu, Secret Dancer to Illuminate ... what a great mix and range of ideas ... !!!

After much reflection I zoomed in on one word that captures a lot for me, right here, right now with these paintings .... and I've gone with 'Awakening' ...

Many thanks to Cecilia Maguire in particular for prompting 'Awakening' for me ... a special framed small one square piece is en route to you ... Enjoy .. !!

Thanks everybody ...

'Awakening', watercolour & gold leaf on paper, 30 x 34cm.  ... I love it ... !!! 

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