Newsletter - Solo Show open’s 7th October, 2014

I'm thrilled that my second solo show will take place in the Toradh Gallery in Ashbourne, Co. Meath in October this year. The show opens on Tuesday evening the 7th October and will run for a month. I am particularly delighted about this show as I have been chosen by Co. Meath Arts Office to put on this solo show as part of their 2014 Programme.


The gallery space is wonderful, with seven wall spaces, running to just under 30m, over two floors ... it's great to have the opportunity to put my mark on the space ... what a challenge ... !!

I'm planning to have about 25 pieces on show at the exhibition, which will be mainly made up by my vibrant watercolours. However, what makes this show particularly exciting is that I'll be introducing a number of my 'Gold canvases' for the first time at an exhibition. I am so looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction there is to these gold canvases.

I'm also planning to include a couple of  large, or should say 'extra large' paintings. These are in progress at the moment and I have to say it's brilliant working on a large / extra large scale. I think you'll like what you see when October comes around.


The openings for the Toradh Gallery are traditionally held on a Tuesday evening, kicking off at around 6.30 - 7pm. So please mark in the date and location and I can promise it will be a great evening, especially if you can make it. My first solo show in October 2012 was a hugely memorable evening with a packed house and electric atmosphere in the Sol Gallery in Dawson Street, Dublin. Let’s put Ashbourne on the map and make it another hugely memorable evening. I know its a Tuesday evening … but let’s give it a crack. 

I’ll keep you updated on the run up to the show, and would really appreciate it if you would help spread the word with anyone you know who my be interested and who lives in the north Dublin, Meath and surrounding areas, and who may be interested in coming along. 

There will be e-invites sent out for the opening, but if you, or your friends, would particularly like a hard copy invite, please drop me a line with your land address and I’ll ensure the Gallery include you on their list. 

7th October 2014

Tuesday evening, KO 6.30 - 7pm TBC

Toradh Gallery, Ashbourne, Co. Meath

:-)   Save the Date   :-) 




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