Tour of London Irish Art 2015

The inaugural London Irish Art 2015 exhibition was officially opened by the Minister for Diaspora, Jimmy Deenihan T.D, and the Ambassador of Ireland, Dan Mulhall, on 15th January in the impressive surroundings of Central Hall in Westminster in Central London. 

The exhibition featured over 40 Irish artists, half of whom are based in Ireland and the other half based in the UK. The exhibition presented works by the celebrated Irish artists Louis Le Brocquy, Robert Ballagh, the recent winner of the RHA Sean Keating Awardfor Outstanding Painting Francis O’Toole, as well as renowned painters James Brohan and Liam O’Neill and Irish sculptors John Behan and Aidan Harte. There were also works by Irish dancer Michael Flatley painted with foot taps in acrylic on marley, hanging alongside the distinctive abstract watercolour and goldleaf squares of Meath based artist Niall Leavy. 

U.K. based Irish artists were represented through the contemporary cuttingedge work of artists such as David Blackmore, Alison Lowry, Kyle Barnes, Donol Moloney, Aisling Drennan and some really fabulous sculptures by Patricia Volk. 

Here are some shots from the exhibition ... before the crowds came in ... enjoy ... !! 

My large piece 'Orage', with 361 squares, and alongside 2 paintings by Michael Flatley & a Louis Le Brocquy. David Blackmore's striking sculpture 'Jacked' in the foreground.

John Behan's 'Kerala Fishers'.

Flatley, Leavy, Flatley. 

Leavy, Flatley, Le Brocquy & Aisling Drennan's 'Strip-Tease'

Fabulous cast glass by Alison Lowry - 'Dolly Mixtures'. 

A view of Room 1.

Robert Ballagh's self portrait.

Martin Finnin. 

Caroline Fay, Daniel Greaney & Lorcan Vallely.

Another view of Room 1. 

Steven Maybury's 'Radical Lines'.

Beautiful space in Room 2.

Kyle Barnes, Gavan McCollough, Aidan Harte & Daniel Bourke.

... & the wonderful Fancis O'Toole's 'Dormit, She Sleeps'.

Eye-catching working by Gemma Billington & Edwina Bracken.

John Behan's 'Famine Ship Galway'.

John Behan's 'Famine Ship Clew Bay 1'.

Niall Leavy's 'Mesmerize' & Aisling Drennan's 'Nine little observations'.

That captures quite a lot of what was at the show but doesn't cover all the fabulous art that was on display. I hope you enjoyed this quick tour.

To view some shots from the fantastic opening night please click here:

Well done to Pat Keegan and Martin Davis for making all this happen.

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