Golditrots has a new home … & says ‘Thank You’

Well that was such an honour to be involved in ‪#‎pigsonparade‬ 2015 and to contribute to raising a huge amount of money for the families and children supported by the Jack & Jill Childrens Foundation. 

I would like to thank everyone for their support over the last couple of months and I would like to thank everyone who bidded for Golditrots and congratulate the new owners of Golditrots …!! Thank you all so much.  


What I love about art in my life is that it constantly brings me in touch with people, new people, and being involved in Pigs on Parade was no different … great to meet David & the team in the Jack & Jill, great to meet many of the fabulous artists involved and then just great to meet people on the street in Dublin and have a bit of banter about ‘the Pigs’ … it certainly had people buzzing there during the ‘hunt’. 

It has been a priviledge to be involved in Pigs on Parade and my eyes have been opened to how difficult the circumstances are for some families. Through reading about and listening to the stories of different families it has certainly shown me how important the supports and services like what Jack & Jill provide to families are. Based on some conversations I’ve had over the last couple of months it is striking how much events like this and the support you have all given can help families, even a little, with the circumstances & / or the loss they are dealing with. So a huge thank you to everyone here for all your support for Pigs on Parade, for Golditrots, for Jack & Jill, and for the families & children around the country that Jack & Jill support. 

Many thanks everyone.

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