Colour in the Studio ...

It’s been a fantastic year so far.  I have been very fortunate to have had opportunities with the Sol Gallery, Dublin, to show my work in a range of cities around the world including London (x2), Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul and most recently Stockholm in Sweden.  I'm also thrilled that there has been a great reaction to my work throughout the year.

The Sol Gallery have been really great at showcasing Irish art at these shows. They typically show work from  6 - 7 Irish artists at each of these shows and it is a great opportunity to show Irish art to international audiences and also great opportunity for Irish diaspora to connect in and join the Sol Gallery at these big exhibitions with a wide range of art on display. 


I have learnt a huge amount this year about how to balance all the different aspects of my life and the different elements of my art practice.  What has been really satisfying is that creatively I feel like I’m in a good space and that I am really happy with the work I am creating at the moment. I’m loving the vibrancy of the colours, the patterns, the balance within each composition. I have found that I have had to be pretty organised in order to ensure that I have paintings ready for the different shows, each of which, especially the Asian based shows, needed to be shipped 6 weeks in advance!! For those who know me … this was challenging!!

I’m in the studio at the moment working on some new pieces for the Sol Gallery stand at Art Source in the RDS Dublin, 12th - 14th Nov, and on the same dates The Chimera Gallery will be showing my work at the Edinburgh Art Fair. 

I’m also working on some ideas for new pieces that that will be complimentary to the core of my style but will be strikingly different and very impactful … well that’s what I think based on my sketches and some early try-outs / samples. 

I’ll keep you posted with updates on the new work as it develops … !!

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me here in Ireland and abroad. I really appreciate it.

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