‘Quick Silver' says ‘thank you’ for such a great name ..!!

‘Quick Silver' says ‘thank you’ for such a great name & for all the fabulous suggestions ... !!! 

Well done to Yvonne Greally & Ann Huff for suggesting the name ‘Quick Silver’ on my Facebook page competition … from the beginning I had a really good feeling about the name ‘Quick Silver’. Thank you so much. 


Spot prizes too for … 

- Clair Wallace with the ‘Hil-hare-ious’ … ‘RyanHare’ ..

- Ashling Donohoe & Deirdre Burke for ‘Silver O’Hare-a’ and ‘JJ O’Hare’ who gave Quick Silver a real run for it’s money .. 

- Joan Broderick for fact about Jack & Jill being the names for male & female hares … I have to say that was a ‘new one’ for me .. !!

Special packs of my greeting cards are on their to you too ... Enjoy!

Remember ... over 100 Hares will be hitting the streets of Dublin from mid January 2016 to help raise funds for the Jack & Jill Children's Foundation. I'm am really honoured to be involved in the is wonderful venture. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the launch.

Many thanks everyone. 

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