Hares on the March Online Auction

My Hare 'Quick Silver' is having a great time on the Jack & Jill Childrens Foundation Hares on the March in Dublin. Quick Silver can be seen in Arnotts (on the 1st Floor in Ladies Fashion) until the end of February and then moves to the CHQ Building in the IFSC for a couple of weeks. All the Hares are being auctioned off now online at www.haresonthemarch.ie and all the proceeds go to the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation.
Quick Silver was born from the idea of creating a piece of art that children, young people and adults would have fun with, seeing themselves and the surrounding area, on a truly reflective surface. In this way, people can feel 'part of the art'. The eye-catching surface, the constantly changing reflections, colours, sparkles of light etc help make Quick Silver distinctive, memorable & will no doubt spark fun conversations.  
I'd like to say a special thanks to Max Mordukhov for helping me create the fantastic finish on Quick Silver. I'll be doing a separate post on the making of Quick Silver shortly. It's a great story of doing something completely different, something completely new, and of having great fun working with Max in making a unique creation like Quick Silver.

Here is a link to the Auction page .. 'Quick Silver' is #54 ... Don't hold back, in owning a unique and original piece of art like one of the Hares there is not only the satisfaction of having a striking piece of art but there will also be a particular satisfaction to know that the money spent on the art has gone to support a really good cause. 

Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks while the Hares are on the March in Dublin. 

Good luck to all the Hares .. !!! 


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