A huge Thank You to the Big Apple ...!!

Well, for the second time in 6 months ...that was just brilliant ....!!! It really was so exciting having my art on show again in NYC with the Sol Gallery at the spring edition of the Affordable Art Fair. It will go down as another great week and I'm thrilled with the reaction to my work, featuring patterns from historical Irish wallpapers and a new tall vertical format that I've introduced.

 Here are a few pics of my recent spring days in NYC 2017 ... !!       

Jay Davis of the Sol Gallery with pretty much everything set-up ... just need to move that crate ...!!  

Two of my new pieces, featuring patterns from historical Irish wallpapers from Fota Estate and Birr Castle, in a great position.

And we're up-and-running - the buzz of opening evening ..!!

Martina, originally from Westmeath and her daughter Tara, who has a string interest in art ..!

 Loving the energy on the streets lot this great city. 

Really great to see Lucille & Kara at the Preview evening. 

Eye-cathing installation in the reception area of the show by artist Dong Hee Lee of HOVArt. 

A big favourite at the show ... my new extra long vertical piece called 'Chapelizod'. 

Many, many thanks for all the support.


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