Huge Crowd for exhibition by acclaimed local artist Niall Leavy

by Claire Corrigan, Westmeath Topic. The Chimera Gallery was packed to capacity on Saturday night, 1st September, for the opening of acclaimed local artist Niall Leavy’s stunning new collection of paintings. Niall Leavy has built a strong reputation, nationally and internationally for his very distinctive vibrant and uplifting small squares. Over the last four years in particular his art has gone down a storm at international shows in major cities around the world including Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm, Edinburgh, a number of times in London, twice in New York City and at the prestigious SOFA exhibition in Chicago.



Addressing the crowd, Chimera owner Dave O’Shea. “I saw Niall’s work for the first time about ten years ago when he held a joint exhibition with his mother Anna Marie  Leavy in the Market House. I had just left the army and was becoming involved in the art business so I attended. The first thing I noticed was the gold and I didn’t understand it at first but it stayed in my mind. As the years progressed I began to understand how and why artists signed their work and Niall was the first I’d seen who had a different signature.”

As the son of the one of the best watercolour artists in the country, Dave admits that he assumed that Niall would follow in the footsteps of his mother Anna Marie,  “but he didn’t and he went his own direction, which I followed the whole way through and we’ve grown to be great friends. This exhibition is extremely exciting for me.”  


This display marks Niall’s 4th solo exhibition and his first solo in Mullingar.  It is the first presentation of a series of paintings featuring the artist’s new style, which has been the focus of his work in the studio since late last year. 

Using his background in psychology and coaching to help shape his works, Niall creates contemporary, fresh, vibrant pieces which light up any room. His focus on capturing flow and harmony, balanced with his attention to order and detail, give an insight into the artist that is  driven by positivity and energised by colour.

Dave said the exhibition represented an evolution of Niall’s work. “Here this evening we have a mixture of Niall’s instantly recognisable small squares and his striking new stripe paintings. Niall came to me first when he first started using stripes in his work we looked at how they were developing. We had a great chat about them and he took my advice and produced work that, to me, is of a clear international standard. He’s a phenomenal  abstract artist and I think in twenty years, he will be viewed the same way the brilliant artists of the seventies are seen today.”


Addressing the crowd, Niall thanked all the many attendees on the day for their support. “I love the atmosphere in the Chimera Gallery here. I have worked with Dave for five years now and it’s always fantastic to visit and see the excellent selction of art he has on display. It’s brilliant to be in my hometown of Mullingar and to have my first exhibition of my new work. It’s been really exciting, creatively, to work in a new style.  It’s also great that even though it’s a new style, at the core of what I do, what I paint, whether its squares or stripes, it’s all about positivity, and capturing positive moments.” Niall also thanked his family for all their support and for dealing with his ‘relentless positivity’.  












Niall Leavy’s Solo Exhibition ‘Clarity’ runs from Saturday 1 Sept through to 15 Sept in the Chimera Gallery, Oliver Plunkett Street, Mullingar. Further details from Dave O’Shea, the Chimera Gallery, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 087 803 8357.

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