Dressing a Glasshouse in the Wineport Lodge

Well I’m really, really thrilled with how the glasshouse at the Wineport Lodge has turned out.  A big thank you to the Wineport for the opportunity to collaborate with them and create this splash of colour at their wonderful venue. We wanted to create a wee bit of magic and something that would be ultra positive and uplifting with one of their new glasshouses, installed to create socially distant & protected spaces for customers. 







Right from the beginning I was drawn to creating a memorable and immersive experience, with light and colour, that would help fill people with feelings of calmness, wonder, warmth and a ‘wee bit of magic’, while sitting at a bistro table taking in the stunning scenery by the waters edge. 




Given the year that is in it, I’m delighted to have created an ‘outdoor immersive art piece’, and as an artist, this represents a new dimension, about which I’m excited.  



Big shout out to David Daly for his help with installing the new piece in the Wineport. 

I look forward to hearing what you think and hopefully you get a chance to visit soon ..!!

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