New York, New York ...

I spent a wonderful few days in NYC in late March.

Yet again it didn't disappoint, with hours flying by taking in a huge number of galleries from the incredible choice between 23rd and 28th in the Chelsea district. A real highlight was walking into the main room of the Gagosian Gallery, which itself was 'huge' (the size of a gymnasium ... and this is Manhattan ...!!) and seeing, experiencing ... Rudolf Stingel's four 'gold' paintings .. Yes that's one on each wall ... they were huge too ... !! I loved it ... I really 'connected' with them given my own use of 'gold squares' in my paintings over the last 5 - 6 years (albeit very small gold squares compared to this ...!). I have used the gold squares as the 'opportunity', the 'window', to access 'positive moments' and feelings, and Stingel uses his large gold canvases to comment on the character of moods and memory. I was particularly struck by the scale and ‘physicality’ of his gold canvases with their stains, shadows, imprints, and scratches.

I stood there, taking it all in ... felt the thrill ... and despite the size of the room, the many others there, these paintings really drew me in, creating a quiet, reflective space, where I was able to just let my mind go ... the thoughts, the memories, it all flowed ...!

I've no doubt this will push me to experiment and explore painting with gold and to push myself to paint on a bigger scale ... maybe not quite to Stingel's scale ... But let's see what happens ...!

Another highlight from this short trip to NYC was a trip out to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for an afternoon of galleries. It was quiet in the area that day and but the 'grittiness' and 'edge' there brought me back many years ... I liked it.

A highlight here was visiting a wee gallery called Art 101. This place was a little different, and although it is small, on the day, there was a huge collection of paintings, artists and styles on display. 101 is run by a really interesting lady called Ellen and gave me a sneak viewing of her 'gallery of small pieces' ...... a gallery within a gallery ... actually it was in a cupboard ...!! What a contrast to the day before in the Gagosian ... !!! Ellen is a real character, and gave me a potted history of the area and an insight into some of the real personalities from the artworld there ... well worth a visit.

The day was rounded off with the very best, the tastiest, taco's I've ever had. It was in a 'real deal' place called Carino's Restaurant and Cantina on South 4th St in Brooklyn.

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