Provence – July ’11: The paint just flowed ...!

This was my first time in Provence ... and what a trip it was! I loved the landscape, the colouring, the light, the stars at night ... and let me just throw in ... shooting down the Durance river, in a kayak, in a wind storm, was ... well let's just say ... memorable ... !


Following some tough negotiations with the kids a 'three galleries per town' agreement was reached .... which actually worked out well for me as I seemed to hit on some wonderful galleries in places like Gordes, Aix en Provence and I really enjoyed a chilled amble through a treasure of a village called Lourmarin ... countless galleries, good range of work.

I had my brushes and paints with me and, having picked up a couple of nice canvases, I enjoyed painting for a couple of hours every morning before the kids got really up-and-running. I'm very excited about how the new paintings are shaping up .... Let's just say a working title might be 'D'Or: NYC meets Provence'.

Watch this space for images of new work.

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