Commission a piece of artwork

Have you ever thought of asking for a painting for a special person or for a place in your home, but didn’t quite know how to go about it. Well let me assure you that I am more than happy to discuss options around doing a piece / painting for you and the really good news is that you only take delivery of the piece if you are completely happy and satisfied with it. 

People commission pieces for their homes, offices, as a present for themselves or for someone else special.  Birthday presents, new home, wedding lists, Christmas present, leaving or retirement present for a colleague are just some of the examples of why people have requested a special painting or piece from me. My square pieces, are proving popular as a unique present for 40th, 50th & 60th birthdays, where the painting is made with the relevant number of pieces and, by all accounts, resulting in endless hours of enjoyment creating narratives for the different pieces and particular years.

Typically, these are the steps involved … 

  • Discuss & agree style, colours and dimensions;
  • Agree timeline / delivery date; 
  • View emerging piece / possibly options, via email;
  • View completed piece. As already mentioned, I am keen to ensure that you are happy with the piece you have commissioned, and to this end you are under no obligation to take the piece if you are not happy.

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