The Making of Quick Silver

I was honoured to be chosen again to take part in the 'Hares on the March 2016' event to help raise much needed funds for the wonderful Jack & Jill Children's Foundation. Check out this short video … & bid for Quick Silver Jack & Jill Online Auction - Quick Silver #54 by Niall Leavy


London Irish Art 2015

Upbeat footage from a fantastic opening night in Westminster, London, in January 2015.


The Making of Golditrots

'Golditrots' - an original piece for the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation for auction. Check out this one minute video … See Pigs On Parade for more details on this fabulous public art event.

The Making of Vitalité

A timelapse video of 361 small square coming together in the studio to some up tempo music. Delighted to see I still have a few ‘moves’ left in me .. !! Enjoy ..!!