’.... J’ai choisi mon tableau sur le site web www.niallleavy.com et je n'ai pas été déçu lorsque j'ai ouvert le colis de la Poste dans lequel se trouvait le tableau. Les couleurs et leurs nuances sont incroyables !!!!!! Mes amis et collègues étaient envieux.

.... I chose my painting from the website www.niallleavy.com and I was not disappointed when I opened the package and saw the painting in real life. The vibrancy and spectrum of colours was simply incredible !!!! My friends are all very envious.

Merci beaucoup Niall .... ‘.

Marc, France.


‘I just love your painting - it is bright, cheerful, contains different facets - and yes, it is me!! I see a wholeness on the exterior and maybe a bit of chaos - on the inside - very much like myself. Lovely! Really Lovely!’

Moya, Co. Meath.


' ..... The piece I have, 'Joie de Vivre' piece gets lots & lots of attention. It creates a wonderful feeling of light, colour and energy in the room .... it is a wonderful, special piece .... it has given me such pleasure and enjoyment ....'.

Mary, Dublin, Ireland


' .... I instantly liked the new work, although radically different from previous work ..... I liked it so much I couldn't choose between the wonderful options ..... I now have "festival" and "frisson de joie" hanging in our home! I look forward to the next chapter......'

Domhnall, Baile Ath Cliath.


' .... I've a piece of Nialls for the longest time and is a personal favourite ...... It leaves space for my imagination and my memory to work together.’

David, New York City


'It's geometry and symmetry is juxtaposed beautifully against the chaos of colour and light. The intense blues, soft greens and pure gold leaf give you a real sense of " joie de vivre" .... An apt title, considering the amount of pleasure it gives us everyday ...'.

Daire & Orla, Dublin, Ireland.


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